Integrating Computer Technology into the Curriculum at the Grade 4 and 5 Levels
ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE for Intermediate level B.C. teachers (including computer teachers) only.


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  • The information displayed on this website represents my first (ongoing) representations of the data collected during the period February 2000 to approximately June 2000.

  • The data shown represents the information received from 111 teacher respondents in a single school district. There were a few more surveys collected than this, however, some surveys had to be discounted for various reasons such as wrong grade level. One survey arrived too late to be counted. (Note: Data received from other districts via the online survey are not included at this time... and it may be mentioned now that unfortunately only a few teachers from other districts actually responded to the survey).

  • Each school principal in the unnamed district was contacted individually in order to obtain permission to speak to the Grade 4 & 5 teachers. All principals contacted were agreeable to the survey. After I presented a short explanation of my study, surveys were handed out by the school principals to the Grade 4 & 5 teachers. Interested teachers completed the surveys by hand or online. No teachers chose the option of tape recording or personal interview for the survey.

  • The unnamed district chosen represents one of the larger B.C. school districts which has shown a positive attitude towards introducing technology into its schools. (Note: At no time in the writing of the final thesis will specific names or locations be mentioned.)
  • At this time the information is displayed as "data" only, without comments as to implications. The actual "writing" of my thesis is still a very long way off!

  • I have organized the results as links from the specific questions. I am continuing to work on organizing the results, however, being back at teaching full-time will make this rather a slow process! I hope to eventually have most of the results displayed on this website.

  • The data has been transferred to Excel spreadsheets completely by myself. The keyboarding accuracy has been checked by a tedious process of my going over each question in every individual survey three or more times!

  • After entering the data in a spreadsheet, in many cases I am then transferring the Excel spreadsheets into the SPSS 8.0 (statistical) program in order to produce the charts of results. This is certainly an area of new learning for me!

  • Rather than displaying many tables of specific results, I am instead showing charts or graphs of the general results. This website is intended to give teachers a general idea of what information was gathered, not to destroy their interest by an overabundance of numbers! Please contact me if you require specifics for your own thesis!

I hope this information provides a sufficient "background" for teachers to get a rough idea of how the data was collected. Please feel free to e-mail me if you feel I have missed something important... with the understanding that this website does not purport to be more than a basic level display of "general data collected".

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