Mouse Tails:

The Tale of Cheeser

Our "Tale of Cheeser" begins in a rather ordinary way...

In a nice, nice city there was a nice, nice street

And on that nice, nice street there was a nice, nice school

And in that nice, nice school there was a nice, nice classroom

And in that nice, nice classroom there was a nice, nice pet tank

And in that nice, nice pet tank there lived...

Well... that was the problem... NOTHING lived in that pet tank!

So the teacher went out to the pet store one day, and came back with a...



The students were SO EXCITED! Some of them had never seen a pet mouse before.

It was so tiny! It was so cute! It had soft, silver grey fur and bright, round eyes.It had a teeny weeny nose with teeny weeny whiskers that wiggled and wiggled. The mouse peeked out at the children and the children peeked back in at the mouse.

"Is it a girl or a boy?" asked the children.

"We think it is a female mouse," said Mrs. B., the teacher. "Female means girl and male means boy."

"What is its name?" the children asked.

"Why it doesn't have a name yet!" said Mrs. B. "Maybe we could vote on a good name for our mouse."

The children were thrilled that they would get to name the mouse. Everyone had great suggestions. There were lots of wonderful names like "Frisky, Scamper, Mousie". In the end, the favorite name was "Cheeser". The children had a good laugh later on, however, when they found out that cheese isn't good for pet mice!

BUT that is only the introduction to our "Mouse Tails" story!

On the second weekend that Mrs. B. took Cheeser home she noticed that Cheeser looked very, very fat.

"Hmmmm...." thought Mrs. B. "how strange. Cheeser didn't look that fat at school."

The next day Mr. B. took a look at Cheeser and HE said, "Wow, that little mouse is REALLY fat. Do you think..."

Mrs. B. replied, "Yes, I was thinking the SAME THING!"

Can YOU guess what Mr. B. and Mrs. B. were thinking?


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