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1. When the caterpillars first arrive they are tiny black lines. They soon grow into furry little creatures with a yellow line along their side.


2. The caterpillar feed and "poop" and shed their skins. 3. They construct webs from a spinneret under their bottom lip and use the webs to walk on.


4. Each table of 4 children kept their caterpillar containers and small magnifying glasses in a plastic basket. This helped avoid bumping the caterpillars, designated "hands-off" times during the day, and allowed us to easily move the containers to a side counter when we needed to.

5. It was exciting to see the caterpillars hang themselves down from the lids and pupate! 6. The teacher took the lids and fastened them with scotch tape to the top of the butterfly box. This is a tricky business. The pupas are fairly well attached to the lids, but one or two sometimes drop to the floor.


7. Effie Emu (a stuffie visiting us from Australia) enjoyed peeking into the butterfly box to count the number of pupas that had hatched!


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