Woody Beaver's 2000/01 Adventure

Hello everyone!

I'm very excited to tell you about my new holiday... I am the first Stuffie from Mrs. Boekhout's class who is getting to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa!

If you don't know me... I'm from Canada and my name is Woody Beaver. I've been all the way to Mooloolaba, Australia... can you believe it??? If you can't, then you had better go see my Aussie photos on this website!

I'll bet you're wondering how Mrs. Boekhout and Mrs. Glover met... actually, they have never met! They are "Key Pals" over the Internet! They became friends after Mrs. Glover joined up as a teacher on Mrs. Boekhout's "Classroom Animals and Pets" website. They had so much fun e-mailing that Mrs. B. decided to ask Mrs. G. if she might be interested in a "stuffie exchange". Lucky for me, Mrs. G. said YES!

I was lucky enough to get to REALLY meet my exchange buddy, Mufasa Lion, at Christmas. Mufasa came to spend Christmas in Canada. We had so much fun together that Mrs. Boekhout had a hard time sending me on my way. I'm glad she finally got me all packed and sent!

I hope you enjoy my webpages! Remember to check back and see how I'm doing!

Woody Beaver


Here I am e-mailing Mrs. Glover to let her know I'm coming.

Here's a picture of Mufasa Lion, Monty Moose, Timber Wolf,
and me at Christmas. Don't I look cute in those reindeer antlers?



We are all getting very worried about Woody Beaver...
he left Coquitlam on January 29/01 and now it's March 1/01
and no one has seen hide nor tail of him!!!

Let's hope he is simply busy "seeing a few sights" on the way,
and has forgotten that he is expected in South Africa!

Where do you suppose he is???




Mrs. Glover just took me out of the Post Office! What a relief!
I have arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa!


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