Woody Beaver's 1997/98 Adventure

 Hi there everyone! I am Woody Beaver, and I am proud to be a Canadian animal! It was exciting to travel all the way to Australia to tell the children about beavers. I had a wonderful holiday and I learned a lot about the kind of animals that live there.

 Here is a picture of me in Canada... making snow angels! Have you ever done that... it's a lot of fun!


 Mrs. B. always makes a Christmas snow scene for the classroom. Monty and I decided to hide in the snow too. Can you see us?


 Here I am with some of my friends at Christmas... can you spot Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer? They're good pals of mine!

 All of a sudden... it was time to head off on my holiday! I felt very lucky to go to Australia. Mooloolaba is in Queensland, on the North-East coast. It is very beautiful to see from an airplane window!

 This picture is of the Glasshouse Mountains. They are all different shapes and sizes. They are really the inner cores of VERY old vocanoes!

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