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Hear about how Monty Moose started Globe Trotting
as the first "Traveling Stuffie" in Mrs. Boekhout's class!


Oh dear!
Monty is having to reorganize many of his photos
in a new program because the old gallery is defunct!

While we slowly work on the travel logs (2023) here is a SUPER COLLECTION
of photos around the world to tantalize your moosey tastebuds!


Monty's 2011 travels to Europe
(Sweden... and more!)

Monty's 2012 travels with Michael Bublé
(Here and there!)

Monty's 2011 travels to Scotland-part1! part2!

Monty's 2011 travels to Africa!

Monty's 2011 travels to India!

Monty's 2010 travels to the continent of Africa!
(Egypt, Tanzania)

Monty wears PINK to END BULLYING!
(Coquitlam, BC, Canada)

Monty's 2006-07 travels in Canada
(Toronto, Niagara Falls, Canada)

Monty's 2005 Summer Vacation
(northern Italy, Paris, Amsterdam)

Monty's 2005 Holiday
(Cape Town -South Africa, Argentina)

Monty's 2004 Holiday
(Japan, Ithaca N.Y., Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

Monty's 2001 Holiday
(Monty's first travels with NetMom to Switzerland)

Monty's 2001 Holiday
(Monty's first visit with Jean Armour Polly aka NetMom in New York State )
New York State

Check out more Travelling Stuffie excitement
from previous years at the CanOz Connection website.



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Monty Moose was officially "born" Dec. 5, 1996!