February 27, 2008
Wear Pink to End Bullying!

I may be a "bull moose" but I am certainly against "bullying"!

I am proud to say that I was a participant in the“Wear Pink to End Bullying” Day!
(My shirt was really a lot pinker than it looks in this photo!!!) I found out about it through my facebook account... it's great the way we can spread a message so fast and so far!

I live in Mrs. Boekhout’s Grade 2 Nestor Elementary classroom, in Coquitlam. My school is 100% pro-active, because all grades K to 5 participate in the WITS program!

W=Walk away


T=Talk about it

S=Seek help

and we also have our very own “Nestor Pride” motto:


N= eNcouraging

E= rEsponsible

S = Safe

T = Trustworthy

O = hOnest

R= Respectful


You should have seen all the PINK SHIRTS at our “Good Stuff Assembly” on February 27th! Our school is PRO-active and FUN-tastic!

I am lucky to be a “traveling stuffie”, which means I have been all around the world, visiting classrooms and many other exciting places. One of my special friends, Jean Armour Polly (www.netmom.com), introduced me to William Belsey a few years ago (we got to go paddle-boating with Auntie Jean in Washington, USA!) and he told me all about his anti-bullying program. He started one of the first Canadian anti-bullying websites back in 1999! www.bullying.org/public/frameset.cfm




Be... part of the SOLUTION, not the problem!

Monty Moose

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