Monty Moose's 2000/01 Adventure

Hello everyone!

This is my story of my trip to visit a famous author in New York State, USA...
Jean Armour Polly, otherwise known as "Net Mom"!

But maybe you don't know me... I'm from Canada and my name is Monty Moose. I am very special (of course!) because I was the very first Stuffie in Mrs. Boekhout's class to go on a "Stuffie Exchange" to another classroom across the world. I've been all the way to Mooloolaba, Australia... can you believe it??? If you can't, then you had better go see my Aussie photos on this website!

How did I get to meet "Net Mom"? Actually, SHE found ME! As a matter of fact, this website appears in her latest book, "Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages"! She was so excited about our Classroom Program that she asked if one of the Canadian Stuffies would like to come visit her! I put up my hoof right away!!!

I'm just on my way to the airplane now (March 1, 2001) so please bookmark this page and keep checking back to see new photos!

Monty Moose

Here's where you can read about Net Mom and her book.
Net Mom's Website


Before I took off, all the children posed for a picture to go in my Diary. Here's another photo they took... me and some of my Stuffie pals at school! There's StrawBEARy Bear, Little Bob, Timber Wolf, Buttons and Buttons Jr.and Mufasa Lion (who is visiting the classroom from South Africa).

I took a little time to help out with some classroom jobs like calendar. Then I had to take a few minutes to e-mail some of my friends and let them know I was heading out of town for a couple months.


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