Monty Moose's 1996/97 Adventure

Hello everyone! This is my story of my trip to Australia! I'm from Canada and my name is Monty Moose. It was very exciting to pack my bags full of books and goodies for a trip across the ocean. What a long flight it was! Australia is a beautiful country to visit... and my oh my, but do they ever have BIG pineapples there!


 I had a lot of fun visiting with each of the children in Mrs. Lawson's class. Here I am staying at a beautiful beachside apartment. I even got to go surfing!




 As a matter of fact, I got to do a LOT of exciting things!



 Here are two of my favourite new Australian friends... a cockatiel and a kangaroo! The kangaroo and I had a long talk before we just lay back to enjoy that Aussie sunshine!



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