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Matilda Kangaroo's 98/99 Adventure

G'day! How ya going? I'm Matilda and I'm a grey kangaroo. You might not be able to see my little Joey... he'll be snuggling down in my pouch until he's about 6 months old. We kangaroos are marsupials, you know. There are lots of different members of the kangaroo family in Australia... but not too many of us get to be world travellers! Hope you enjoy the photos of my trip to Canada!


Here I am posing under a gum tree at home in Australia. I'm soaking in a little Australian sunshine before the big trip to Canada. I hear it can get pretty cold there.


Effie Emu, Sydney Platypus, and I get together with Ralph before heading inside for a little cooling off beside the Christmas tree. It sure is hot in Australia in December!

Well, here I am in Canada! Let me introduce you to my new friends... Woody Beaver and Monty Moose. They've both been to Australia (what a great travel plan we are on!).

Here's a photo with Timber Wolf too, just before she headed out on the plane to Mooloolaba, Queensland. Timber and I were on "Stuffie Exchange" visas!


Here I am at the Ice Skating Rink, tying up those loose laces. (Oops... next time she does this, Mrs. B. plans on getting Internet permissions for photos first!) Then I'm having a fast game of Bingo at the Cowboy Hoedown party. Yippee Ki-Yi-Yay!

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