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The following questionnaire has been left online
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 Integrating Computer Technology into the Curriculum at the Grade 4 and 5 Levels
ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE for Intermediate level B.C. teachers (including computer teachers) only please.

NOTE: The use of this online questionnaire has been granted by the SFU Ethics committee, effective January 27, 2000.

This questionnaire can be:
(a) submitted directly from the website
(if you are not sure about this capability, please access the Teacher Lesson on Surveys first!)
(b) printed out and mailed in,
· Note: An audio tape can be used, should you prefer to record your comments for PART B instead of writing down your answers. Please contact the researcher for a mailing address.
(c) printed out and faxed to:
(d) cut and pasted directly into an email message and returned via email
Please note that email attachments will not be accepted, due to the potential risk of viruses.

Please be reassured that your privacy will be respected. At no time will your name, school, or school district be revealed. Reference numbers are initially required in order to organize the data into groupings and to allow for the possibility of contacting a teacher for a further interview. (This interview would of course be entirely voluntary.) Data collected will remain protected in the researcher's possession and will not be distributed to any other persons or authorities. After the data has been analyzed, all data will be destroyed in order to maintain as complete a privacy as possible.(Please refer to the SFU University Ethics Review Committee forms provided.)

** ONLINE PARTICIPANTS must be sure to complete the Ethics Form #1 (Informed Consent).

** ONLINE PARTICIPANTS are instructed to provide only that information which the school would not consider confidential and to omit any answers which they feel would need permission of the school. This questionnaire is not intended to be invasive.

The following questionnaire is divided into five sections:
PART A. Demographic information

PART B. Specific uses of computer technology as related to curriculum areas
PART C. Conditions connected with the use of technology
PART D. General level of student computer usage
PART E. School demographic information

While Part B forms the major thrust of the data collection, the information garnered in Parts A, C, D, and E will be used to draw inferences regarding the successful integration of technology into the curriculum and to suggest areas of growth which could be supported by various levels of the education administration.

Your time and effort to complete this questionnaire is sincerely appreciated. By your participation, this study will provide a vital contribution to the better working knowledge of the BC educational system and a direct help to you, the teacher, by providing our provincial technology support networks with an understanding of our present status.

If you would like to contact me in order to clarify any of the directions, PLEASE do so!!!

Nora Boekhout (pronounced "book-out")
Phone: 604- 941-1126
Email: boekhout@shaw.ca

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