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While it may be for "the betterment of all" that you take the time to fill out a questionnaire, it's a lot more fun if there is a little "Perk" or maybe even a "Prize" to win!

JUNE 16 note: Prizes for online participants are still available!!!

First... the PERKS...

Perk #1:
For anyone who has accessed this website,
you have ALREADY earned your "perk" !!!

Your first perk is the "Links Page" on this website. The Links Page gives you a quick and easy way to find "made in B.C." as well as other Canadian online resources.

Perk #2:
Your "second perk" is to let you know about one specific "made in BC" website.

This second "perk" is a link to a teacher resource which may help you with part of your Life Science curriculum component. Whether you are bringing in an animal for a short term study (mealworms, butterflies, tadpoles etc.) or you are considering keeping a long term class pet (lizard, hamster, fish etc.), this website can help. Classroom Animals and Pets was created BY a teacher as a resource FOR teachers. You can check on the information at your leisure, or you can email the webmaster/teacher directly with your questions. For those of you who find you truly enjoy "critters in the classroom" you can also join the growing network of registered teachers from Canada, the USA, Australia, and England. As you probably guessed already, the website was created by me, the researcher of this study. I hope you find it useful!

Link to: Classroom Animals and Pets

Why might you be interested in having animals in your classroom? Here are the Grade 4/5 IRP sections that relate to Life Science:

Grade 4 Life Science (Adaptation of Organisms)
* By making sense of how organisms live in their environments, students develop an understanding of the diversity and interactions of living and non-living things.
* Students observe a specific organism and list as many adaptations as possible.
* Students predict and test the response of mealworms or snails to various environmental variables (e.g., light, touch, moisture, surface, temperature).
* Multimedia resource suggestion: Insects (FOSS Module)
* Print resource suggestion: ASPCA Pet Care Guides For Kids

Grade 5 Life Science (B.C.'s Living Resources)
* Students will identify living resources in the local environment
* Students will devise a strategy for sustaining a living resource
* They will apply their skills and knowledge to analyzing local environmental issues.
* Print Materials suggestions: APCA Pet Care Guides For Kids; Discovering Insects - Ants, Flies, Crickets
* Video suggestions: Moths and How They Live; World of Nature - Parts 1 and 2

Then... the PRIZES!!!

For Lower Mainland school districts:

Yes! June has arrived and the two names have now been drawn in order to award the prizes before the end of the school year.

First Prize:
Mrs. E.R. and her class enjoyed a full hour presentation on insects "and others". They were especially fortunate to have recently completed an insect unit, so it was most appropriate! A slight change in arrangements was made... I took photos while the actual presentation was done by "The Bug Lady"... a grad. student in Entomology. She brought walking sticks, cockroaches, a tarantula, and a giant millipede... what fun! and what an excellent program! Thank you, Jennifer H.!

Second Prize:
Mrs. L.P. and her class received their "visiting bug tank" with great enthusiasm. Five species of walking sticks were housed in the tank, and a second mini-tank of babies was included as a last minute addition. I provided a "mini-presentation" on walking sticks, with time left for questions from the audience as well!

For all participants completing an Online Questionnaire:

Just because I wasn't able to travel to districts all around B.C. (which could have been fun!), didn't mean the "Online Participants" should be left out!

The "coffee time" prizes have now been distributed! Hope you enjoyed them!


I hope you enjoy the "spirit" of these Perks and Prizes!

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