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 How do I participate?

 Privacy Issues

 Who is the Researcher?

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How do I participate?

You participate in the study by completing:
(1) Ethics Form #1 and then (2) the Questionnaire (5 parts).

The ethics form and questionnaire can be:
(a) submitted directly from the website
(b) printed out and mailed in
(please contact researcher for address)
for printing out the questionnaire, please use the "printable form" version for best results.
(c) printed out
("printable form") and faxed to: 1-604-944-9551
(d) cut and pasted directly into an email message and returned via email,
Please note that email attachments will not be accepted, due to the potential risk of viruses.

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Privacy Issues

When you review the Ethics Committee forms preceeding the actual questionnaire, you will see that the Simon Fraser University of British Columbia has gone to great lengths to assure the ethical, physical, and psychological safety of any person who participates in educational research. If you still have questions, please check this section first, but then feel free to email the researcher for a prompt reply.

If I send in a questionnaire, will my name or other personal information be displayed in any way on this website?
No personal information will be released at any time. This website has been created to gather information only.

If I send in a questionnaire, will my name or other personal information be displayed in any way in the final thesis study?
No, your information is strictly confidential. Only the researcher has access to the questionnaires and all personal information will be destroyed at the end of the study.

Will the information that I send be accessible by anyone other than the researcher and for any reason other than the stated purposes of this study?
No, your information is strictly for the purposes of this study. At no time will you ever be contacted or approached by someone because of information you have provided.

What guarantee do I have that my information will remain private and secure?
The researcher must act in accordance with the Ethics regulations set out by Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia. Please note the required "Informed Consent By Subject" form which is provided with the Questionnaire itself. Absolutely no data may be used without full agreement of the participant.

What if I think that one of the questions is "confidential"?
You are still welcome to send in your questionnaire, leaving out any dubious questions. The researcher has, however, attempted to create a series of questions that are NOT invasive. Please note the disclaimer at the start of the questionnaire: "Online participants are instructed to provide only that information which the school would not consider confidential and to omit any answers which they feel would need permission of the school." This disclaimer was suggested and approved by the SFU Ethics Review Board.

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Who is the researcher? (Why it's Nora Boekhout!)

As for the personal interests of the researcher, one might well ask why I am interested in this area myself. To explain, I am an elementary generalist teacher in B.C. who was dazzled by desktop publishing for my weekly newsletter and delved into website creation to display my love of classroom pets. Following an unfortunate event, I became the Computer Contact Teacher for the school, being the only staff member who volunteered. In one and one-half years I have gone from being a rather non-techie type person to being the head wiggler-of-plugs for my school. Now I am looking to see what I can do for my students in the area of technology and how I can break free from the mistake of thinking that educational games are all that computers have to offer. The issue of integration of technology into curriculum is a personal one. I am struggling to find the answers in my own classroom, but as well as improving my personal knowledge, I have a responsiblity to facilitate this same growing awareness in my fellow staff members.

I am committed to exploring the educational use of computers. I see many examples of how British Columbia teachers are working towards this same goal... the Daybook, CUEBC, Computer Learning Specialist Associations, BCTF's committment to the TLETAC "Conditions for Success" report, WebQuest workshops, the ITCC 25 district Consortium working towards a lesson plan database. I also see, however, how these brilliant endeavours are not always making their way into the generalist teacher's knowledge base. Furthermore, I see how the generalist teachers, the computer specialists, and the librarian/information technologists, are all wondering what "their place" will be in the next 5 year technology plan. What are we all supposed to be doing? Where are we going? Why are we traveling the routes we are on? The TLETAC report strongly recommended that we begin to place a priority on research in our own communities by our own educators. I hope that this study can offer its own contributions to some the answers.

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Links to More Information

Where can I find out more about "technology" and the "curriculum"?

There are many different websites offering lesson plans on how to use technology in your curriculum. Check with your local District Computer Coordinator for a few places to start. Be sure to bookmark your favourites right when you first find them, as you will be surprised at how many are out there and how hard it is to remember which ones you really liked.

This study was not constructed to give you new ideas (sorry!) but to find out which ideas you have found the most useful so far. The links provided here are only to access the Ministry IRPs and the the information regarding the upcoming new 5 year Technology Plan. Check back at home page for the Useful Links webpage to access these sites.


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