Groundhog Day Activities

Learning About Real Groundhogs & Groundhog Day
The Marmot Burrow
An internet resource for marmots, marmoteers and marmotophiles
HogHaven Groundhogs (photos and sound clips!)
Education World: Lesson plans, ideas, and links


Groundhog Day Word Activities
An Interactive Groundhog Quiz
Enchanted Learning Groundhog Day Quiz
with a Picture Dictionary to help answer the quiz!


Famous Groundhog Websites
Our Canadian Wiarton Willie
USA Punxsutawney Phil
The Official Groundhog Site (by author Julia Spencer)


Groundhog Day Art Activities


Other Related Activities


QuickTime movie - see how the earth moves to create the seasons


Punxsutawney Phil's postcards
Card Boulevard
HogHaven Groundhog Photocards


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