Mother's Day

Learning About Mother's Day
Alphabet Soup - short intro to Mother's Day
The History of Mother's Day
Black Dog's Mother's Day Online Quiz (& answers!)


Story Writing & Word Games
Black Dog's Online Wordsearch game
Black Dog's "Famous Moms" Online Quiz
Lil' Fingers Online Story for the beginning reader
KidsDomain lists some books about mothers


Art & Drawing Activities
A colouring page from Jan Brett
Mandy's Web Medley - links to Mother's Day clipart sites


Online "games"
Billy Bear's Online Mother's Day Games
Black Dog's Online Puzzles
A Kid's Heart - online games
Alphabet Soup Online Puzzles


Other Related Activities - "all inclusive" websites
The Idea Box - activities, crafts, poems, recipes
KidsDomain Mother's Day activies, crafts, games
Crafts for Kids - links to a zillion craft ideas for Father's Day
Billy Bear's Mother's Day activities, crafts, and lots more
Alphabet Soup activities, crafts, games
A Kid's Heart - activities, art, games (with some Biblical references)
Black Dog - activities, art, games



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