Classroom Animals and Pets - Practical Ideas

1) Teacher Resource Websites - "general" animal information or links

Finding good sources of information quickly is definitely a "practical idea"! I certainly don't plan on listing "every" good resource out there for you... it would be an impossible task! However, I would like to share a few websites where you can find other collections of links on teaching related to animals. These excellent resources organize "where" and "how" animals fit into the curriculum according to their own perspectives and no doubt will provide you with some stimulating avenues to pursue! (...and if you know of other good "general animal" resources, let me know!)

2) Practical Ideas

Hmmm... this section hasn't really "happened" yet! I definitely have lots of ideas, but no time to organize them for you! Now that I finally added a photo section of my animals this summer, maybe I can reserve the 1999 Christmas holidays for THIS section! Wish me luck!

1) Teacher Resource Websites

Coquitlam School District (43) K-12 Library and Learning Resources
I must give my own school district library webpage a great deal of admiration for their award winning website. In the spirit of true dedication, the webpage first came to life through the relentless efforts of our Coquitlam librarians and librarian-teachers in their spare time. Congratulations on an excellent job!
Front door:
Animal listings page:
(middle school)

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Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Kathy has created a wonderful resource for educators to find information on just about anything. She is highly respected by those "in the know" (and more importantly, by those of us who "need to know"). When you visit her site you'll see why!
Front door:
Animals listings page:

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This "gateway to the natural world of North America" focuses on the plants, animals, and physical environment of this amazing continent. Nearactica (Nee -arctic - a) is beautifully constructed and a pleasure to visit!
Front door:
Table of Contents page:
Short list of popular topics page:

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2) Practical Ideas

OOPS! I'm still behind on this section! Anyone have time to submit some ideas?

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