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It is actually a little strange, but at this moment I don't seem to have any baby cockatiel pictures handy... these are my favourites to bring into the classroom!

Lovebirds were probably my second species to bring into the classroom, and guess what... no handy photos at this time either!


1. Rosy Bourkes are a beautiful aviary bird, but not a species that I would consider good "pet stock". We love to have them at home, but leave the babies strictly with their parents. One year, however, baby #6 was deemed to be "just too much" by its parents and I ended up handfeeding this baby and bringing it to school.


We snuck this little birdie in under "real life math"... we measured the temperature inside and outside the bird brooder and we took daily gram weight measurements before and after feedings.



The parrotlet babies were a lot of fun to have in the school. There was such a lot of difference in the feathering of the first to the last baby! It was really exciting to see when the first baby "took off" flying... with parrotlets you really MUST make sure that all the windows are shut!



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