Classroom Animals and Pets - Fish and co.

Aquatic Frogs... (contributions needed)

Aquatic Snails... coming later


Tropical Fish... coming later ... but there are some photos ready    
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Fish: Definition
The 1989 World Book Dictionary definition of a fish is:

1. an animal that lives in water, is covered with scales, has gills to breathe with, and has a long backbone for support. Fish are cold-blooded and usually have fins for swimming. Some fishes lay eggs in the water; others produce living young.
2. any one of numerous other animals living in water, such as shellfish or whales.
3. the flesh of fish used for food.
4. Informal, Figurative. a person; fellow: He is an odd fish.
5 (a) a long strip or iron or wood used to strengthen a mast, spar, or joint.
(b) = fish tackle.

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