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Teacher Chatboard

Our Teacher Chatboard has been kindly provided by Teachers.Net.
By linking up with this excellent organization, we are able to communicate with a much wider range of teachers, world-wide, who have similar interests to ours. Additionally, we have the opportunity to participate in a Classroom Pets mailring, join in on Live Chat sessions, meet others in our locality (or far away!), and sometimes even pursue non-pet interests as well!

Teachers.Net Website

Our Pets Chatboard is located at: Projects - Classroom Pets. You can easily begin a new conversation, post a question, or help out with someone else's request! Check the chatboard regularly to see what new ideas or questions have come up, or alternatively, join the Classroom Pets Mailring, to receive email notification of current topics.

The Chatroom lists upcoming Live Chat sessions. Although I'm not sure if we will host regular sessions here, you will certainly enjoy joining in on some of the other interesting topics provided. If you decide to join the Teachers Events mailring, you will receive a short email each day, with the topic for that day's Live Chat session.

The Chatroom also lists archives of previous chat sessions.
Go to the Chatroom and click on "live workshop archive" (in the center right panel).
Scroll down and click on the topic "Focus Sessions".
Look for "Classroom Pets". (These are in date order).

To find our very first chat session, go to: * CLASSROOM PETS 07/15/00.


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