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Pet Birds- general comments

Local Birds

Check out our activities for the "Weekly Ornithologist" on my classroom website.
There are photos of some local Western Canada birds and Bird FeederWatch links.

Also be sure to check out the S.E.E.D.S. Canada B.I.T. (Bird Identification Tally) Challenge which is especially active in May!


Birds: Definition
The 1989 World Book Dictionary definition of a bird is:

1. an animal that has wings, feathers, two legs, and a beak or bill. Birds have backbones, are warm-blooded, and lay eggs. Most birds can fly.
2. a bird hunted for sport; game bird.
3. = shuttlecock.
4. Slang, Figurative. a person: He’s an odd bird.
5. Slang. (a) ballistic or guided missile; rocket. (b) an aircraft or spacecraft
6. = clay pigeon
7. Slang. a sound of ridicule blown through the lips.
8. British Slang. a prison sentence; time served in prison.
9. U.S. Slang. the eagle as an insignia of military rank.
10. British Slang. an attractive girl or young woman.
11. Archaic. the young of any fowl.

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