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Now isn't this exciting!!!

Thank you Quentin D'Souza,

for this March 2000 award!

Quentin is a dedicated teacher who has taken on the challenge of combatting the dwindling funding for Canadian educators. His excellent website "Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers" helps connect teachers with valuable free resources. I am so pleased that Quentin has added my website to his own "labour of love" !


Thank you Phasmid Study Group,

for the January 2000 feature!

"Welcome to STICKINSECT.COM, the website dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of stick and leaf insects (phasmids) and the official online home of the Phasmid Study Group. This site is currently under construction... in the meantime, why not check out the following site from Canada, Nora Boekhout's Teacher Resource website and info regarding keeping phasmids in the classroom." 

 Thank you to IG wiRe,

for a December 1999 spotlight!
 "IG Customer Spotlight: This one comes from our own backyard. Come and see what you can do with a little ambition and a whole lotta pets! This site is packed full of GREAT information about pets in the classroom & pet care."
Thanks Intergate, your excellent tech. support has helped me many times!!!

 Thank you to Planetpals,

 for this November 1999 award!

 The Planetpals Clean Planet Award is "awarded to specially selected websites that are of high quality, promote concern for the environment by encouraging recycling, ecology, earth sciences, either through school projects or valuable website content."
Their website is a great place to find fun activities for younger children to learn about the environment.

 Thank you to Marjan Glavac,

for this July 1999 award!
 Marjan is many times a master teacher and his "Busy Educator Website" is full of wonderful ideas for teachers. I feel honoured to have warranted his seal of approval, and shall strive to continue my own education regarding both classroom animals and computer websites! Do take the time to visit his website, and to sign up for his free online newsletter too!


  Thank you to Charmayne,

 for this April 1999 award.

  Charmayne and I have at least two shared interests... schoolchildren and stick insects! You will find many examples of Charmayne's loving nature, as well as her abundant hobbies, on her website. I am delighted that she has included me in her warm recognition of how teachers contribute much of their "spare time" to education.


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