Classroom Animals and Pets - Basic Plan

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Here’s a look at my basic setup plan for “first time visitors”.
Please note... this page doesn't link anywhere, it just "explains" my general plan.

The “Table of Contents” page (the one you just came from, and hereby known as "Getting Around in this site") lists the general areas covered in this Website.

The overall plan of this site is to share information about animals in and around the classroom. I am hoping to update interesting facts, classroom scenarios, problem-solving techniques, teaching ideas, resource materials, and Web links on a regular basis. I am also hoping to provide a list of participating classrooms for you to “visit via the net”, and so build a network of teachers with interests in similar areas. If your school already has a Web site, I would like to make a link to it. Regardless, you will be able to spotlight your class pets and animal projects via this site. Please bear with any “un- or under- developed” parts of this Web site... I may be still be in the process of figuring out how to set it up! Also, I am teaching full-time... so you know what that means to any precious "free time”! With your assistance, I hope to learn and grow both as an animal keeping teacher and as a Web site constructor. Comments and suggestions are most definitely welcome!
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Animal listings & Green thoughts

I have grouped the listings by general types or habitats, as I believe this will be the most useful for a classroom teacher.

Birds (& comments on local “bird watching”)
Fish & Co. (looking at animals you would keep in an aquarium)
Insects & Co. (looking at terrarium occupants such as arthropods, worms, land mollusks)
Mammals (small ones, that is!)
“Green” thoughts (plants, environmental concerns or projects, and related links)

The basic setup plan* for each species is as follows:

Animal Name
Comments (about the general suitability as a classroom addition)
General Information (a few facts of interest)
Characteristics (some of the more specific information)
Teaching Ideas
Links to related Web sites
Link to “Here’s what’s new with you?” (New info. on the species goes here)
E-mail Link (for contributing information or asking me questions)

*Note: The plan is just that... a plan! I am starting off with whatever tidbits of classroom info. that I have because I am finding that actually producing a Website is FAR more work than I dreamed of! Your added information will be MOST appreciated, and will be added to "the plan" when I get time to catch my next breath!
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The Photo Spot!

I am collecting most of my photos into one area in order to conserve downloading time. This way you can decide if you have a little time to "browse" my album of pets.
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Guestbook sign-in and Teacher register

The Guestbook is there for "any and all" to add their thoughts to this website. It's always fun to see that a visitor has been by to say a few words!

The Teacher register will house the general information of participating teachers and other nature education enthusiasts. This list is ordered by date of entry, so you will be able to see if anyone "new" has signed up since your last visit. I am planning to keep the section on questions, problems, and (hopefully!) answers in the “Here’s what’s new with you” section. Use the e-mail option to forward these to me.
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Awards Page exciting!

It certainly was a thrill to get to add this page. There are some interesting links to visit here too!
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A little something about me

I've added some tidbits of background info., just in case you are curious about “this” teacher!
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And my primary class

Here’s some information about my own class because they deserve a spot too!
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Some practical ideas!

This section stores the general pieces of information regarding the keeping of pets in the classroom. Ideas for housing, maintenance, classroom management of duties, and other “tips” are the focus. Resources for generalized “Animals in the Classroom” books, videos etc. will be noted in this section as well. I hope that the input from fellow teachers will build this section up into a really practical source of information for classroom pet keeping.
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Here’s what’s new with you!

This section houses the “new” ideas and suggestions you give me until I get the chance to integrate the information into the appropriate species sections. I will post questions that teachers ask - if one person asks, then I can assume that several more are wondering! This is the main section that I hope to update regularly so that you will enjoy revisiting! Periodically (maybe in the summer holidays?) I will "file" the contents in the appropriate sections and revamp the whole Website.
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E-mail link

Subject: CA+P (This "drops" your e-mail into the folder I have set up for this Web site.)
Use this if you have already filled in a “first time” guestbook sign-in. Questions can be asked here, and I will endeavor to either answer them directly or point you towards some relevant sources. It would be helpful to get comments on the usefulness of different parts of this Web site as well as new information or ideas. Please let me know about any related Web sites you have found, so that I can add them to the resources list. (Let me know about ones that have “disappeared” as well, please!) Books or tapes that you have personally used are a welcome addition too. Include the publisher’s name as well as any ordering information, if you have it.

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Getting around in this Web site

This page revised August 1999.