CanOz Stuffie Poll
Which Stuffie do you think had (or will have!) the most fun on vacation?
Monty Moose (in Australia) 9 (14%)

Effie Emu (in Canada) 2 (3%)

Woody Beaver (in Australia) 10 (15%)

Sydney Platypus (in Canada) 4 (6%)

Timber Wolf (in Australia) 14 (22%)

Matilda Kangaroo (in Canada) 2 (3%)

Woody Beaver (in South Africa) 7 (11%)

Mufasa Lion (in Canada) 8 (12%)

Monty Moose (in New York, USA) 7 (11%)

63 Total votes
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I saw Effie Emu's photo in the newspaper.
Monty Moose got his picture in the Australia news too!
I think Matilda's baby Joey is the cutest!
I think that Timber is very nice and playful.
Timber Wolf, why do you always hold your head up? (reply note from Timber... because I love to HOWL!!!)
I think Timber wolf had fun because he got to be the leader of the boat.
I think woody beaver will have fun at his south africa.
Monty, I hope that you get to see the s.t.l.
Mufasa is funny because he cant fly!
Woody beaver is cool ,
I hope all 7 stuffies get to swim because its fantastic.
I like Mufasa because he's sometime's very funny . I think he is a great stuffie!
I like woody beaver because he has a lot of adventures.
Mufasa likes Nestor school.
WOODY BEAVERS LOST IN THE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i think woody beaver is the best because he is the cutest and he is in the mail box
mufasa is so cool .
Woody Beaver is the best animal in the world!
Timber Wolf looks cool.
Timber wolf is a cute wolf.
Woody your cool.
woody chews alot.
woody beaver is the best stuffy.
woody beaver is cool.
You rock, Mufasa.
Woody beaver you're the greatest.
You rock Timber wolf.
Hope ya haven FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mufasa is cool!
Monty gets to play in the snow!
Mufasa has a new buddy (a beanie baby tiger!) Mufasa is cute and your new buddy too.
You are cute mufasa.