Mufasa Lion's 2000/01 Adventure

Hello there, everyone!

Let me introduce myself... I am Mufasa Simba Lion. I live in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa and go to St. Mary's Junior School, an Anglican Private School for girls.

This is my first holiday, which makes a trip to Canada especially exciting! Mrs. Glover (my teacher) tells me that Canada is in the Northern Hemisphere and that South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere. When I left Johannesburg, it was almost summer... but when I arrived in Coquitlam, it was turning into winter! Isn't that amazing!

I hope you enjoy seeing a few of my photos on this webpage. I am collecting lots more in my diary. It is such fun to visit all the different Canadian children's homes!

Please put a bookmark on my webpage and check back often to see how I'm doing! Don't forget... you can even send me a message on the Guestbook too! I promise to write back. I'll put my reply on the Guestbook too, so everyone can see it.

Mufasa Simba Lion


Merry Christmas! Do you think I'd make a good Santa?

Here is a picture of my very special dolly. (Everybody needs a special friend... especially when you are traveling thousands of miles away from home!) I can tell my dolly anything and she always listens!

Can you see the other dolly sitting beside mine? That is a "real" doll made by the Nbedele tribe. The Nbedele people are native to South Africa and we love to learn about them. I think my dolly is a really good replica!


Here I am in Canada, e-mailing home to let everyone know I arrived safely! Well, sort of "safely"... what a wild trip, though. I got dunked and splashed "somewhere" (do you think it might have been the Atlantic Ocean?) ... my quilt got all soggy, my dolly got wet, some of my scrapbook even got all wrinkly. I don't know how I didn't get wet myself (must be my special Lion Fur!). Anyway, Mrs. Boekhout dried out my photos and gave my dolly a nice new body (isn't it funny... they use the same kind of "rolls" in Canadian children's crafts as they do in South Africa! Can you guess what kind of "rolls" I mean?)


Some of my new "pals" and me... StrawBEARy Bear, Little Bob,and Monty Moose. Woody Beaver was already on his way back to MY home in South Africa! (I can't think where Timber Wolf was!)

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