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Basic Information

Advanced Level Websites

Basic Information

Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge
This lodge in Tropical North Queensland, Australia, has provided a good fact sheet about the platypus.

This site has a great sketch of the platypus anatomy (body parts) as well as some simple information.
It has been rated safe by SafeSurf and RASCi .

The Platypus
Although this webpage is not written at the elementary level, it gives a good description of the Platypus. There is a good photo of a platypus too.

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Advanced Level Websites

Complete Platypus
A website for the true platypus fan... facts, jokes, commercial sites... you name it!

Earth Sanctuaries Limited
This website is dedicated to the preservation of Australian wildlife. The history of platypus sightings is mentioned. There is an unusual picture of the inside of the lower jaw!

Order Monotremata
A general description of monotremes.

(This website is also noted under Elementary Level).
As well as basic information, this website includes information on current research.

Platypus Websites (as listed by the "Complete Platypus" website)
There are many different categories of Platypus websites listed. I have NOT checked them all out... proceed with caution!

Secret World of the Platypus
This website advertises a vacation tour for viewing the platypus!
"The most unique native semi-aquatic monotreme revealed to you ... Take advantage of a renowned tour that gives you what you have being looking for ... platypus in its natural habitat.


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