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Basic Information

More Advanced Information


Basic Information

The Manatee
Some good basic information about manatees.

The Wonderful World of the Manatee
Home of a "Save the Manatee Club". It has excellent resources and wonderful pictures.

This SeaWorld Education Department Resource has an excellent and well-organized list of facts.

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Advanced Level Websites

Manatee - In the Wild
Information on why manatees are endangered and read about protection efforts.

Manatee Junction
Lots of good information about manatees.

The Trouble with Manatees and the Florida Water Story Information Home Page

Great information and many photos.

Eight Days in Manatee Country
"Detailed stories, an archive of full-color photos, and facts from the author's own experience with the gentle manatee. Documents 8 days in Homosassa and Crystal River Florida while I was assisting in production of a documentary film about the manatee".

Eliza's Manatee Haven
An interesting collection of photos, stories, and information by a manatee fan.

Primary level webquest-type investigation of manatees.

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