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Basic Information

Advanced Level Websites

Basic Information

Paul's Emu Place
Although Paul is an emu rancher, he also enjoys having emus around. He has collected some good photos of his emus, as well as information about them. He also has a list of websites that have some educational value about emus.

Walkabout Acres, Ontario Canada
This is another emu ranching website, but there are some good photos of baby chicks as well as some basic information.

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Advanced Level Websites

These sites are mostly not for the "faint at heart"… they're all about raising emus as a food source!
There are many lovely photos of emus and chicks, however. You can also learn why emu farming is becoming popular.

American Emu Association

Emu Dawn County Farm
some nice emu photos

Emu Today and Tomorrow
Although basically a "food source" company website, if you click on "Emu Farming" then there are some basic facts given about emus.

Electric Library
Not much information given, but if you are willing to pay a fee, then you can obtain their other articles. I've never tried it myself… let me know what you think of it if you do!

Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture
links to emu websites

Rhea-lly Emu-zing Ranch
An Emu ranch in Ontario, Canada - emus as food, emu oil, claw necklaces etc.

Triple A Farm
Another Ontario, Canada ranch - shows emu products... recipes (oh dear!), lovely photos of artwork on emu eggs...


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