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Now isn't this exciting!!!

Wow! Wow!
We've been referenced again!
You'll find us on page of the 5th Edition book by Jean Polly Armour (Net Mom):
"Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages 2001"


We've been referenced!
You'll find us on Page 139 of the Revised & Updated 2nd Edition
of Marjan Glavac's book:
"The Busy Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web"

 Thank you to Marjan Glavac,

for this July 2000 award!
 Marjan is many times a master teacher and his "Busy Educator Website" is full of wonderful ideas for teachers. I am proud to have warranted his seal of approval, and shall strive to follow in his footsteps of "teachers helping teachers"! Do take the time to visit his website, and to sign up for his free online newsletter too!



Thank you Jean Armour Polly, for this June 2000 award!

Jean Armour Polly, aka Net-mom, was a public librarian for many years before becoming a best-selling author. She is credited with coining the phrase "Surfing the Internet", back in 1992! Her approval of this site indicates it will be listed in the 5th ed of her book, "Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages". Wow! I'm very proud to have received her "slice o' pie", because "only the top sites make it into this book as I am very picky! "
Thank you, Jean... glad you approve!

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