CanOz Connection

Timber Wolf's 98/99 Adventure

Well hello there! My name is Timber and I'm a female gray wolf. Wolves are all wild dogs, like coyotes and foxes. Did you know that we are related to the Dingo of Australia?


Here I am with my best buddies, eh! There's StrawBEARy Bear and her own teddy bear named Little Bob. There's Woody Beaver and there's Monty Moose. Oh... you probably can't see Monty... he's dark brown and just didn't show up against the brown table! Sorry, Monty!


When I joined Mrs. Boekhout's class in October 1998, it was almost Hallowe'en, so I got to see lots of different pumpkins and jack o'lanterns.


Follow me, boys! I'm the expert in wilderness tracking! It's too bad that Matilda Kangaroo never got to see any snow while she was in Canada.

Time to leave Osoyoos, B.C. and go back to Coquitlam for Term 2. It sure was fun spending Christmas holidays at Granny Schulz's house! Pack up the truck and let's head home!


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