CanOz Connection

Sydney Platypus's 1997/98 Adventure

 G'day mates! Sydney Platypus here! What a fun time I had "up over" in "Canada, eh" ! I think that the children were quite amazed to hear about the platypus... but then... we platypus are a very unique animal! My first bit of fun was giving poor Monty Moose a bit of a fright! He had never heard of a platypus before, so he thought that the alligator skull was REAL! Yipes! (Actually, one of the children brought the skull in for "Show and Tell".)


 After I explained to Monty that a platypus doesn't really have nasty teeth (after all, we are called the DUCK-BILLED platypus) he asked if we could do a fake photo with him being the hero. Ouch! Being a hero can be tough business!


 One of my favourite celebrations in Canada was celebrating Chinese New Year. Mrs. B. let me snuggle into the display. Do you think the children will notice that I'm not really a Chinese animal?


 Nestor school puts on a very exciting dragon dance... right through the halls of the school! I got the chance to pose with Monty before the big parade. Boy, am I glad that this dragon isn't real... he looks a big scary!


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