Flat Stanley

This year, due to changes in both Mrs. Boekhout's teaching position and in Mrs. Lawson's teaching position, we decided to take a little detour from our usual "Stuffie Exchange".

We did find an exciting alternative! "Flat Stanley" is a story by Jeff Brown. In this novel, the boy (Stanley) is squashed by a falling bulletin board. Amazingly, Stanley is not hurt, but becomes as thin as a piece of paper! Stanley has some very interesting adventures, including traveling around the world in a regular sized envelope.

If you visit the official "Flat Stanley Website" you will find that children from many different countries are now sending out their own "Flat Stanley" or "Flat Sally" to see the world. You can read more about the project, the author, and the new Flat Stanley books by visiting:

Here's a picture of the first "Flat Sally" to come visit Mrs. Boekhout's class.
Thank you, Jenny, for sending your us your "Flat Sally" from London, Ontario.

Sally had a look out at our local mountains through the trees.


 She thought it was fun to see Mrs. B.'s backyard. There is a miniature fishpond and river (that really runs!). Sally stayed out until late at night so she could see the Japanese lamps turn on.


 The most fun was visiting with Mrs. B's pets. Dexter Dog introduced Sally to Jasmine and Buster. They wanted to know when the "Flat Animals" were coming to town!


Take a look at the "Flat Stanley" site and try the project yourself!

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