Effie Emu's 1996/97 Adventure

 G'day mates! Effie Emu here! Did you know that I was the very first Stuffie to travel from Mrs. Lawson's class in Australia to Mrs. Boekhout's class in Canada? It was so exciting getting my passport and citizenship papers ready for the flight. I packed books about emus too, because I didn't really expect that Canadian children knew about us. Soon after I arrived in Canada, there was a beautiful snowfall. It was so exciting to play in the snow! I learned that there is a bird called a "Canada Snow Goose"... so now I suppose I am the first "Australian Snow Emu"!


 Mrs. B. took me on a lovely walk through the forest behind her house. There is a big creek and several bridges. I tried to imagine how it must have looked in the Fall, when all the big salmon coming swimming up to lay their eggs.


 Then we went back to Mrs. B.'s house to feed the birds. I saw Stellar's Jays (that's the British Columbia provincial bird), chickadees, crows, and woodpeckers. No emus though!

 I got to spend Christmas in Coquitlam. Here I am having a nice little sit by the Christmas tree at school. StrawBEARy Bear and Little Bob kept me company. How do you like Mrs. B.'s nice rocking chair?


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