Classroom 2 Ornithologists
Watch our Local Birds!

We have been very lucky to see several species of birds at our very own window bird feeder.

Black Capped Chickadees (regularly!)
Chestnut-backed Chickadees (frequently)
Dark Eyed Juncos (regularly!)
Male and a female downy woodpeckers (occasionally)

We have seen even more species of birds in the tree outside our classroom door.
We keep a suet block in a wire basket and a hanging bird feeder with wild bird seed mix.
Each week we roll a molasses-crisco-buttered* pine cone in seeds.
(* We switched from peanut butter when we had a peanut allergy in the class.)

Blackbird -Red-Winged (once)
Bushtits (occasionally, but in groups of 15+)
Chickadees -Black Capped (regulars)
Chickadees -Chestnut-backed (frequently)
Crows -Northwestern (regular visitors)
Ducks -Mallard (one season)
Finches -House (occasionally)
Flickers (occasionally)
Hummingbirds -Anna’s (regularly!)
Hummingbirds -Rufous (several times!)
Jay -Steller’s (occasionally)
Juncos -Dark Eyed (regulars)
Nuthatch -Red-breasted (once)
Sparrow -Song (regulars but only 1 or 2)
Sparrows -House (quite often)
Sparrows -White Crowned (late spring but only 1 or 2)
Starlings... the "greedy birds" (2-5 at a time) but only occasionally
Thrush -Varied (several times)
Towhee -Spotted (several times)
Warbler -Yellow (once)
Woodpeckers -Downy (often)
Woodpeckers -Pileated (several times)



The surprise of 2004 was finding that DUCKS had discovered our tree feeder!
(They ate the seeds that fall under our tree and paddled in the parking lot puddle!)
a male and a female pair of mallard ducks PLUS ducklings!

Out in Nestor park, we have seen other birds as well.

Bald Eagles!

How to tell the difference between a hairy woodpecker & a downy woodpecker

Here are a few photos from our classroom.
It's pretty hard to get a bird photo when you are "doing school lessons" !!!

The surprise of 2004 was was a male and female pair of mallard ducks discovered our "bird feeder tree".
The female nibbles away on dropped seeds and suet while the male stands guard.
Afterwards they like to go paddling in the parking lot puddle!

They even hatched some little ducklings in the undergrowth at the front of the school beside our classroom!

Chestnut-backed Chickadee at our window feeder.

Spotted Towhee in our feeder tree.


Northwestern Crows under our tree.

We kept this stunned junco warm until it was ready to fly away.



Of course the children in Classroom 2 aren't the only people who enjoy bird watching!
Mrs. Boekhout has been in email contact with one of our local bird watchers, Linda Timbs. Linda wrote an article in the Community Newspaper about constructing a squirrel-proof and bear-proof bird feeder! (Birds aren't the only ones that like bird seed!) Linda has an amazing collection of birdfeeders in her yard... and has kindly sent some of her photos of local birds!

Thank you, Linda, for the following great bird photos!

Now here's a selection of wonderful bird feeders!

American Goldfinch

Pileated Woodpecker


Merganser (front) and American Coot (back)


Bald Eagle


Great Blue Heron


Robin's eggs


White Crowned Sparrow


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