Power of Ten and Ten Frame Games

" Ten Frame Game"

Here is some extra online practice for "ten frames". http://illuminations.nctm.org/ActivityDetail.aspx?ID=75

from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (USA)

How fast can you find 10 complements of 10?



We have been exploring "Power of Ten" cards...
and these are "Power of Ten" GAMES!

Number Twins
This game makes you think about a very important number.... TEN!
You have to find different equations (number stories) which add up to ten.
The number balls have to be side-by-side on the game board OR connected by an invisible line that doesn't pass through any other number balls. Be sure to READ the directions!


Math Lines
This is another game that makes you think about TEN!
You have to shoot balls that make up equations (number stories) which add up to ten.
If you can't find the number you need, there is a special trick... shoot the number you HAVE at the SAME number in the line. Now you will have two of the same number in the line. When the right number comes up, then you can blast two numbers at the same time!





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