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Spelling tests made easy
Practice the Weekly Spelling...
just look for "Boekhout"...or try new words

Classroom 2 's Spelling Tests
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Tumblebooks Library



individual accounts

individual accounts



At home, why not try out some of our collection of:
Fall Holiday Links


Hour of Code - Students
Join millions of students around the world, as they learn to write code!

Find Nestor on the map!



Animals in War
Veterans Affairs Canada

"Every Remembrance Day (November 11), it is important to remember the men and women
who served and died in war and peace support efforts.
It is also nice to remember the brave efforts of the animals who served and helped these people."

The Elders are Watching video of the book

The Artwork of Roy Henry Vickers

"The Elders Are Watching is a video about the environment, the teachings of the old ones. The poem written by David Bouchard was inspired by a Roy Henry Vickers painting that was given to Queen Elizabeth called, A Meeting Of Chiefs. The book was first published by Eagle Dancer Enterprises and the narration and artwork is by Roy Henry Vickers."

2016: Stay Safe at Home

2015: Learn not to Burn
October is Fire Prevention Month
"Hear the beep when you sleep"

Thanksgiving Traditions and Information

Terry Fox... our local Hero


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Primary Games


Canadian Wildlife Federation - Kids


Youth Zone Environment Canada


Environmental Kids Club - USA



Mouse Tails:
The Tale of Cheeser

This webpage is dedicated to one
of our beloved past classroom pets,
our mouse Cheeser.


Mrs. B.'s collections of


Mrs. B.'s collections of

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